Quantum Mechanics


Advances and future of foundations studied at different energies

Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: 26/02/2015 - 26/02/2015

This workshop will bring together experimenter and theoreticians working on foundations of quantum mechanics in different physical systems. 50 years ago John St. Bell, a worldwide recognised theoretician at CERN, published a paper on a field he considered his hobby: foundations of quantum mechanics. He came up with an experimentally feasible theorem that has to be fulfilled for any local realistic theory, but is in contradiction with the predictions of quantum theory. This theorem has
initiated a new field that is currently very active both from the theoretical and experimental point of view. The workshop will focus on superposition and entanglement and in particular their manifestation and impact and aims to emphasize for younger participants the milestones and to discuss fruitful formidable directions.


Organizer: Beatrix C. Hiesmayr