Quantum Mechanics



New website of research network on Bohmian Mechanics online

Bohmian-Mechanics.net is the new website of an international research network on Bohmian Mechanics where several action members participate.more


Nature Photonics reports on the talks of two action members

Nature Photonics reports on the talks given by Sabrina Maniscalco and Jyrki Piilo given at the CEWQO-2012 conference. They discussed non-Markovian behavior in quantum dynamics.more


CERN Courier reports on "Quantum Malta 2012" conference

In the article "Quantum Theory under scrutiny in Malta" the CERN Courier reports on the first international conference on quantum mechanics organized by the COST Action "Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics".more


Public Lecture by Fay Dowker at Perimeter Institute

Fay Dowker (head of WG3: Quantum theory meets relativity) gave a public lecture at the Perimeter Institute on November 2, 2011. The talk was about "Spacetime Atoms and the Unity of Physics".more


Angelo Bassi (chair) visits international workshop

CERN courier reports on international workshop "Speakable in quantum mechanics: atomic, nuclear and subnuclear physics tests" (Italy), where Angelo Bassi (chair) gave a special talk.more


Article in CERN Courier

European researchers prepare for fundamental Action more