Quantum Mechanics

WG4: From theory to experiments

Leaders: Y. Hasegawa, B. Hiesmayr

“I ́m inclined to put my money on the idea that if you push quantum mechanics hard enough it will break down and something else will take over – something we can ́t envisage at the moment” (Nobel laureate A.J. Leggett, 2010). Bell ́s theoretical analysis on quantum nonlocality opened the way to a whole new class of experiments and new quantum technologies like quantum cryptography. In a similar way, the open problems in the foundations of quantum theory are already leading to new cutting- edge experiments testing the validity of the theory, and will give rise to new technological developments.


European Cooperation in Science and Technology


23/03/2015 - 26/03/2015

COST Conference 2015 "Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics"

Location: Erice, Italy


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1st March 2015

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