Quantum Mechanics

WG1: Quantum theory without observers

Leaders: W. Struyve, N. Zanghi 

The motivation for this research was clearly described by J.S. Bell: “The formulations of quantum mechanics that you find in the books involve dividing the world into an observer and an observed, and you are not told where that division comes – on which side of spectacles it comes, for example, or at which end of my optic nerve [...] So you have a theory which is fundamentally ambiguous [...]” (Bell, 1986). The aim of research in this area is to resolve the ambiguity by giving a consistent, observer-free formulation of quantum mechanics.


European Cooperation in Science and Technology


23/03/2015 - 26/03/2015

COST Conference 2015 "Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics"

Location: Erice, Italy


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1st June 2014.

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1st March 2015

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