Quantum Mechanics


Local Workshop on "Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics"

Location: Athens (Greece)

Date: 21/03/2012 - 20/03/2012

A local workshop on "Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics" was organised in the framework of the COST action MP1006 in Athens. The workshop was held at the National Center for Scientific Research 'Demokritos', on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, from 09.30 to 20.00. There were 13 speakers from 8 different institutes, and a talk by Prof. Bartzis (CSO, Comitee of Senior Officials) on the COST action in general. During the duration of the workshop, around 35 people (speakers, other researchers and students) attended the talks. The talks generated big interest, and long discussions followed each talk and in the breaks, and the full workshop finished at 20:00 (overrun the schedule) and brought together several scientists. Discussions for further collaborations and meetings were made. The topics discussed were roughly divided into: (a) Quantum computing and the effects on environment in emerging classicality, (b) quantum gravity, (c) alternative formulations of QT (general talk, Bohm, co-events) and other considerations. Specific topics were: general talk on the measurement problem, the effects of chaotic local environments, decoherence, arrival time problem, classical-quantum correspondence, OVM's in phase space, the co-event formulation, canonical quantisation of constrained systems, generation of spacetime via Matrix models of strings, holistic aspects of QFT, Chaos in Bohm dynamics and quantum Nambu mechanics. The programme of the workshop, the book of abstracts and the pdf's of the talks given can be found below.


The organizing committee:

Christos Efthymiopoulos and Petros Wallden (MC members)

Minos Axenides (local organization)




Lecture Anagnostopoulos

Lecture Anastopoulos

Lecture Arageorgis

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Lecture Christodoulakis

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